Partnership with General Motors


General Motors was an important partner in the distribution of A Closer Walk including, with HSBC, sponsorship of the film's broadcast on PBS.


GM's commitment to a new era of AIDS awareness and education, in which hundreds of millions of people around the world engage in a battle that can, in fact, be won, is very much in keeping with the company's long history of social responsibility around the world. In this spirit, GM and its 330,000 employees are joining the fight to make a difference today for a healthier tomorrow-- for everyone, everywhere.

More than two dozen individuals, foundations, and corporations have sponsored the production and distribution of A Closer Walk. This broad base of support reflects the kind of sustained, cooperative effort that is needed if we are going to bring an end to AIDS. Worldwide Documentaries is deeply grateful to those who have shared our vision of a revolution in AIDS awareness. They have set an example, and have walked the walk.


Funders and Sponsors of A Closer Walk


General Motors Corporation
Eastman Kodak


Edgebrook Foundation 
Maurice Falk Medical Fund 
George Gund Foundation 
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation 
The Royal Marks Foundation Fund 
The Open Society Institute
The Rockefeller Foundation
Broadway Cares
Helping People With AIDS
The John M. Lloyd Foundation
Kansas City Free Health Clinic
The Morgan Family Foundation
Truman Heartland Community Foundation



Robert and Dorothy Bilheimer
Robert and Kathleen Flory
Richard Clements
Mary Ellen Bernhardt 
Sara Goldstein
Anne Hale Johnson
Philip B. Hallen
The Children of Jonathan Mann
Jane Watson Stetson and E.W. Stetson III 
BJ Stiles

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Robert Kessler Studios
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Post Central, Inc.
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